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Portability Meets Comfort with Our Restroom Solution

Armal Asia Limited is a portable toilet trading company that has a strong presence in the Asian market. We specialise in supplying portable toilets for various industries, and we have extensive experience in the toilet business.

Our manufacturing factory, located in Italy, produces high-quality portable toilet units that are durable and reliable,easy assembling. These units are then shipped to our warehouse in Taiwan, where we store and distribute them to our customers in Asia.

Why Choose Us

Easy Handling

Armal cabins can be moved by only one operator due to it’s excellent size/weight ratio.

Save Packaging Space

New packaging methods to save space, transportation cost and assembly time.

Ergonomic and Practical

Maximize mobile unit space and function while ensuring user comfort and convenience.

Easy Assembling

Thanks to a reduced amount of only one type of rivet.


We Are Trusted

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