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Vacuum Tank Units

A variety of Vacuum Tank Units for restrooms servicing

Armal vacuum tank units are engineered to achieve fast, easy, and effective servicing of portable restrooms. Compact and simple in their design, Armal vacuum tank units are made of carefully selected components that ensure stress-free operations.

Service Equipment

Fast, Easy, Effective Servicing Of Portable Restrooms With Versatile And Compact Vacuum Tank Units

A Variety Of Truck Mounted Vacuum Tank Units Adaptable To Many Vehicles

Driven by gasoline engine or power take-off, Armal vacuum tank units are configured with
crossway assembly to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle, allowing the loading of extra
portable restrooms on the truck’s flatbed, or with longitudinal assembly, allowing the use of
vehicles with reduced width. Armal provides a full range of models with different operating
systems, generation type of the propulsive force, various fresh and grey water tanks
capacities and possibility to purchase mini units as well. With this variety and flexibility,
Armal vacuum tank units are the right choice for every type of vehicle, different needs and
any budget.
  • Maximum compactness, ergonomics and safety
  • Use of high quality components
  • Complete separation between fresh water and gray water and an excellent load balancing on the vehicle on which they are mounted
  • Fresh water tank placed under the gray water tank to ensure an excellent load balance and maximum stability to the vehicle on which Armal vacuum tank units are mounted
  • Superb suction performances (optimal vacuum levels reached) and excellent water pumping capabilities
  • Safety protections:
    • Siphon valve to prevent gray water from entering the vacuum pump
    • Ball overflow valve to protect against over-pumping
    • Safety relief valve on the top of the gray water tank to prevent dangerous pressures from being reached inside the tank
  • Valve on the suction syringe
  • One or two washing lances
  • Lightweight plastic fresh water tank so as to quickly monitor the water level inside
  • Gray water tank body made of carbon steel
  • Manhole located on the upper part of the gray water tank to allow operators to check and clean the inside in case of extraordinary maintenance operations
  • CE mark

All our VTUs are available in different configurations based on the arrangement of the barrel axis: longitudinal, transversal or vertical. In brief, in order to choose the vacuum tank unit that
responds best to your task, we advise you to simply evaluate these three factors:

  • The characteristics of the vehicle on which the vacuum tank unit will be mounted
  • The needs (weight, performances, toilets transport needs, etc.)
  • The budget